December 11, 2005 - Protesters 'die' to decry Iraq war
Poughkeepsie Journal
Protesters 'die' to decry Iraq war

RHINEBECK ­ At high noon Saturday, 30 anti-war protesters dropped as though dead onto the village sidewalks and snowbanks to call attention to the mounting death toll in Iraq.

For 15 minutes, the bodies lay still as pedestrians going to the quaint village's many shops and eateries passed them by. [more]

Indy Media
Die-In at Rhinebeck, NY (with image gallery)
Rhinebeck, NY - An eerie silence fell over the normally bustling shopping village of Rhinebeck, NY this cold Saturday afternoon when at noon, and at the blowing of a trumpet, 50 people dropped to the sidewalks in a symbolic "die-in" to bring attention to the 100,000 Iraqi civilians that have died in the war. [more]

Republicans Come to NY!
and don't have a very good time

September 19, 2004 - Mid Hudson Valley People's Assembly pictures.

August 31, 2004 - Report from Fortress New York

June 18, 2004 - Bush Insists Ronald Reagan has not died [more]

June 6, 2004 - The Peace Coalition takes to the streets at the Arlington Community Day. Pics are here

May 30, 2004 - Protesters descended on Highland Falls, a village just outside the gates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, to voice opposition to Rumsfeld, the Iraq war and the Bush administration. [more]

"More than 320 states, counties, cities and towns have passed resolutions opposing sections of the act that threaten civil liberties. Such a resolution will be coming before the Dutchess County Legislature shortly." [more]

Pictures from the April 15th "Your Tax Dollars at Work" demo in Poughkeepsie

Pictures from the April 10, 2004 Demo in Kingston, New York

Pictures from the March 20, 2004 Anti-War Demo in NYC

NYJN: March 20, 2004 Demo in NYC

Letters in Local Media

03/19/04 - Peace Activists Feel Vindicated [more]

03/18/04 - President Has Himself Arrested! [more]

2/16/04 - Proposed Resolution Against the Patriot Act for Dutchess County (NY) Legislature [more]
Dutchess Residents:
Sign the Petition!

  • The Office of Homeland Security -
    As our nation prepares for this war we ask that you be prepared to make personal sacrifices so that we may insure US control of Central Asia and the Middle East. You like SUV's? You'll need the oil!
March 20, 2004 Demonstration in NYC
Protesters decry Iraq war

Pounding drums and carrying effigies, the marchers in New York City included scarred Vietnam veterans and teenagers with pierced faces, elderly women in sensible shoes and earnest Howard Dean fans, many waving signs reading "Bush Lies — Who Dies," and "Iraq — Mother of All Quagmires," among other slogans. [more]

Articles on the War in Iraq: Articles on the USA PATRIOT Act and the War
  • 45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay [here]
  • Mamaroneck Residents Challange the Patriot Act [here]
  • 11/14/03 - Most Americans now believe we were lied to about Iraq [more]
  • 11/12/03 - Nevertheless, the FBI now confirms Las Vegas newspaper reports that the agency used the Patriot Act's provisions to subpoena financial information about four local politicians and one local businessman... [more]
  • 09/22/03 - The Committee at the World Peace Prayer Festival - PoJo Journal [here]
  • 09/12/03 - Activists Sentenced for Trying to meet with Congresswoman Sue Kelly [here]
  • 09/03/03 - Webmaster thrown in jail [here]
  • 09/01/03 - The Committee Holds a Funeral for Bill O' Rights [here]
Places to Start: Hudson Valley Peace Brigade
Diaries from the war!
March 22nd, 2003 March in New York City

200,000 March in NY to Bring US Troops Safely Home

With tens of thousands more people than the massive February 15th rally, people streamed into New York city on a gloriously sunny day to march - once again - for peace and justice and to support the troops in Iraq by changing a government policy that put them unnecessarily in harm's way. It was a remarkable event repeated across the globe as millions took the streets!
[ more ]
March 16th Global Candlelight Vigil
A Million Points of Light
A report of the Candleight Vigils on March 16th 2003
More than 150 people came together in Cold Spring on a beautiful march evening to celebrate the light of peace. They came, those of an age that brought them to the vigil with the aide of canes and walkers, to the very young who ran happily and carelessly on the grass behind us or who stood solemnly with a candle at the feet of their parents. Artists and veterans and musicians and housewives and plumbers came together as patriotic Americans will, to celebrate the promise of our democracy. We sang songs of hope and patriotism and prayed that the politicians and the hawks would come to their senses and Give Peace a Chance.
[ more ]
February 15th, 2003 Global March for Peace:
10 Million gather around the world
Report from New York
On the streets, the mood was buoyant. At one point, when a police car, siren blaring, drove through the crowd, one protester laughed. "They're making it so much better. I hope they know that. More noise, more fun!" She was right, of course. But at certain points in the day, things got ugly.
Report from Kate Ahmadi

A man says into his cell-phone: "a riot," but when he sees my glare he revises it to "a peace riot."

Reports on Police Brutality
A day of protest in New York City did not show the best side of a democratic goverment. To start with, although the protest had been planned for some time, the city sought, and won, a court order forbidding the march. Nevertheless, tens of thousands showed up, starting in the mid-morning and continued marching into the early evening hours. People showed up to protest the war that the president is determined to fight in Iraq.

100,000 Faces of Democracy
Hugs all around

The rally stretched from 49th to 79th street aided by a "Jumbotron" placed in front of the 59th street bridge overpass and portable sound towers at every intersection beyond that. NYC Police Commissioner Kelly offered a pretty good attendance estimate of about 100,000. Archbishop Desmond Tutu gave a short speech that energized the crowd and Pete Seeger had us singing along, as he always does.



You don't have to be a Pacifist to be against this war.

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